Experience the phenomenon of sleep paralysis (safely!) in virtual reality using any headset.
This immersive video simulates a terrifying late-night encounter with a sleep paralysis demon. As the experience plays, the visitor gets closer and closer as the intensity of your heartbeat grows.

DISCLAMER: This horror experience may be uncomfortable for some. Viewer discretion advised.


The background footage for this experience was shot on a Samsung Gear 360. After Effects is used to composite immersive animations over the
equi-rectangular 360 footage.

The sleep paralysis demon is hand-rotoscoped in AE. The experience was then rendered as a 360 video, compatible with video players and VR headsets alike.

Gear 360


Sleep Paralysis VR is based on the true account of the suffering from sleep paralysis. Past experiences of the condition is represented using animations made in After Effects.

The illusion-breaking moment at the end of the experience also reflects that of personal account, as the sounds of their household would often break them out of their paralysis.




Dante Cameron


Youtube, Oculus, Google Cardboard,
Any form of VR 360 video player.


Solo Project, SCAD 2019

Experience Sleep Paralysis VR for yourself!
Simply type this URL into your phone or VR headset to load the video. This is compatible with any VR device that can access YouTube, including Google Cardboard.

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