Create your own boss battle! Tridentia is a head-to-head PVP experience that puts you and a friend into a battle for the ages. Play as Poseidon and experience the power of the seas in VR, or play as the Heroine and pillage the ocean's treasures with a PC.



DCMKS Games (Based in Savannah, GA)

Release Date

Summer 2021


PC, tethered Virtual Reality (Rift, Rift S, Vive, Index)


Group Project, SCAD 2022


The concept for Tridentia was pitched in the spring of 2021. Dante's love of Asymmetrical VR provided the perfect opportunity to develop an experience of his own. The project underwent development until the end of the summer 2021.

SCAD Entelechy 2022

Best Interactive VR
First Place

Best of Show

At SCAD's Entelechy awards, the annual ceremony celebrating the
accomplishments of the school of Digital Media,
Tridentia was chosen to win Best Interactive VR.
After a showcase at which all of the submitted projects
were judged, Tridentia was chosen to win Best of Show.



Dante led the team in both stages of development. As producer, he was responsible for scoping the project, delegating tasks, organizing the team, and communicating between departments.


Because of the relative complexity that comes with developing an Asymmetrical VR game, the ideation for Tridentia is extensive. Dante designed the gameplay loop, and as such oversaw every checkpoint of the development pipeline in order to maintain the project's vision.



With two characters of vastly different sizes, there was a wealth of animation necessary to create the world. The Hero and the god's traps react to one another, changing the world to give Poseidon a hint of her hiding place.

The hero has several abilities, all of which were animated in Maya and imported into Unreal Engine.


Designing gameplay interactions between a tethered VR headset and a third-person PC character is an extreme challenge. In order to up the intensity of the PVP, some choices (like giving neither player a way to directly attack one another) allow for emergent, exciting gameplay.

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